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    BattleTech Event 9-2 "Arctic Thunder"

    BattleTech Event 9-2  "Arctic Thunder" Empty BattleTech Event 9-2 "Arctic Thunder"

    Post  republics fury on Wed Mar 25, 2009 7:42 pm

    House Stiener is planning an invasion into Marik space, but they must succeed in a covert operation to take out a tracking station on an arctic planet near the Steiner-Marik border. If fighting in the cold wasn't bad enough, there's also a storm coming...

    Matthew Sims runs this Classic Battletech scenario set in the Succession War timeline. Rules from TOTAL WARFARE and TACTIAL OPERATIONS will be used in this game. All forces are pre-selected. Sheets and miniatures will be provided for this scenario.

    You won't have to calculate the BV or design your units....just show up and be ready to rumble!

    Note: Since Tac Ops is new to many people if you know a rule but Matt doesn't you'll have to point it out and he'll read it. His ruling on any rule is FINAL. We wanted to introduce Tac Ops to the players as there are so many great rules in the game.

    This is an official CGL event. If you haven't signed up as an official player please go to and register. Get your call sign and bring that to the game so you can acrew your player points with CGL...that's how you get goodies from them.

    Commando...ehhem....Demo Team member overseeing the event will be Republics Fury.

    Thanks...see you there.

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