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    RPGA LFR 2-6 Tables

    RPGA LFR 2-6 Tables Empty RPGA LFR 2-6 Tables

    Post  jerrik on Mon Mar 30, 2009 11:11 pm

    Our low level table is currently full but our lvl4-7 and lvl7-10 still have alot of open spots. If we do not have enough interested
    in the lvl 4-7 table by Wedneday evening, It will be switched to a lvl1-4. Note that we have 3 tables at this time slot as the 3rd is
    running Spec1-2 and will run from 2-11pm.

    -----------MUSTER TIME FOR SLOT 2 @ 1:45 pM------------
    Table 1 Start Time: 2pm
    GM: Chris G.
    Module: Core 1-2: The Radiant Vessel of Thesk
    Rumors of a great item, touched by divinity, have traveled across Faerûn. Those with an interest in possessing
    the item and benefiting from its power have sent agents to find it, but no one seems to know what or where it is.
    A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Thesk for characters levels 1-4.
    1. Kevin K. (???? lvv ??)
    2. Robb (???? lvl ??)
    3. Vik W. (Leader lvl 4)
    4. Sara (Leader lvl 2)

    Table 1 Start Time: 2pm
    GM: Will B.
    Module: Corm 1-1: The Black Knight of Arabel
    Your party is sent to investigate allegations of Netherese activity near the
    city of Arabel: A dark rider commanding legions of shadow. Can you turn back the
    tide before it's too late? A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Cormyr for
    characters levels 1-4.
    1. Hugo P. (Controller lvl 2)
    2. David V. (Leader lvl 3)
    3. Robert J. (Defender lvl 1)
    4. Evan J. (Defender lvl 1)
    5. Wayne (???? lvl ??)

    Table 1 Start Time: 2pm **This table runs two time slots**
    GM: Brian B.
    Module: Spec 1-2: Zhent's Ancient Shadowns
    Rumors of an ancient artifact, sacred to Shar, have proven all too true. The
    church of Amaunator has assembled an expedition to return to Zhentil Keep, enter
    the dangerous twilight-shrouded southern ruins, and destroy the artifact before
    it can return to its dark mistress. Will you join the followers of the Light on
    their quest to purge the Shadow? This is a two-round continuous-play Living
    Forgotten Realms Core Special adventure set in Zhentil Keep for characters
    levels 7-10. It is recommended, but not required, that characters play SPEC1-1
    Shades of the Zhentarim before playing this adventure.
    1. Dennis A. (Defender lvl 7)
    2. Robert R. (Striker lvl 9)
    3. John W. (Controller lvl Cool
    4. Samantha W. (Defender lvl Cool


    I have updated our tables for Saturday. We do have spots open and another DM lined up to help with those that want
    to join us. If you are thinking of joining us, please to and we will make sure you have a spot to play.

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