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    Post  Kampfgruppe Cottrell on Tue Mar 24, 2009 2:32 pm

    Here are the games I will be running next week so if it sounds interesting to ya lets throw some dice.

    Game 1 "Movement in the Fog"
    Players: However many wants to play
    Time: Noon
    Story: An entrenched German unit is awaiting it's transport to withdrawal from their defensive positions to a new defensive line when a thick fog rolls in. As they wait they see that something is amongst the fog and with visibility low along with their ammo, the tension builds. Then suddenly the mine fields around their positions start to explode in regular intervals but without any other sound. Then the forward LP reports movement to their front and then...
    So see what happens next!

    Game 2 "Tank Hunters"
    Players: However many wants to play
    Time: Whenever the first game ends
    Story: A armored breakthrough as occurred and in the ensuing chaos a section on tanks have become lost from their comrades. One tank has thrown a track and it must be repaired before they make their way back to support the breakthrough but without any infantry support they must hurry before they are spotted. Unknown to the tankers they have been spotted and a crack tank killer team has been ordered to take them out. Unfortunately because of the breakthrough no armor elements are available or left to take the enemy armor on so it will be a test of infantry vs. armor.
    Who will win?!

    Game 3 "The Rescue"
    Players: However many wants to play
    Time: Whenever the 2nd game ends
    Story: A detachment of SS have rounded up several civilians from a local town under suspicion of partisan activities and are being transported for interrogation. Unknown to the Germans, one of the captives is a high ranking OSS agent that if broken could spell disaster to the Underground and all it's agents. With no military forces available, the Allied High Command has dispatched two of it's most skilled OSS agents to rescue the prisoners and bolster the local partisans. It is up to Captain America and his teen sidekick Bucky to rescue the captives and give the Ratzies one for!

    Hope to see ya there,

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