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    Car Wars G3.2.2 Event

    Car Wars G3.2.2 Event Empty Car Wars G3.2.2 Event

    Post  republics fury on Thu Jul 16, 2009 11:20 pm

    Charles had you planned to run the event again or am I running this one?

    Here's my plan:

    The "Race" will start after the BattleTech event (so I can play in the BT game).

    Players will be able to choose from several pre-generated cars, waggons, bikes. They'll take a Team (Hawks, Ravagers, Scorpions, Wolves....etc). The team will have a mission that they'll have to complete. The winner of the "Race" will win the tournament. Players will be able to enter the event at 1:00, & 6. Players can play one mission or two, with the second "Race" starting at 6.

    All this is dependant on two things: 1. Charles has already decided to run the even in which case I'll be playing in his event. 2. TPTB are willing to have the event hosted.

    I need to hear from Mike(s) or Quinn before I'll proceed...and I'll need some time to prep for this so I'll need to know them by Monday or I'll take it that I can't run the event.

    Car Wars G3.2.2 Event Empty Moving Forward

    Post  republics fury on Wed Aug 05, 2009 3:44 pm

    Looks like we should be good to go.

    I've had to modify the event since we're runnning out of time and know how these things go. So we'll be using the original 2.0 size and card board chits. We'll be playing on moving terrain where the players get to choose their path around the convention.

    I've got the wood to make the moving terrain and the maps. We're almost there.

    I'm still planning on (hopefully) setting it up so that solo missions can be run as well.

    Overall winner to receive a $25.00 Gas Card.

    Revvvv up those engines guys....we're getting close to the green light!

    Republic's Fury OUT

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