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    RPGA LFR 9-1 Tables

    RPGA LFR 9-1 Tables Empty RPGA LFR 9-1 Tables

    Post  jerrik on Mon Mar 30, 2009 11:08 pm

    Both tables at currently full but if we have enough interested, we are more then willing to open others.

    -----------MUSTER TIME FOR SLOT 1 @ 8:45 AM------------
    Table 1 Start Time: 9AM
    GM: Kevin K.
    Module: Corm 1-3: Head above Water
    The Valwater family has fallen on hard times but believes that a secret near
    their family's decaying estates may redeem their good name. Can the PCs uncover
    the truth that will restore the family's honor? A Living Forgotten Realms
    adventure set in Cormyr for characters levels 7-10.
    1. Brian B. (Controller lvl 9)
    2. Chris G. (Assault lvl 9)
    3. Hugo P. (Leader lvl 9)
    4. Vik W. (Striker lvl 9)
    5. Will B. (Defender lvl 7)
    6. Robert J, (Striker lvl 9)

    Table 1 Start Time: 9AM
    GM: John W.
    Module: Tyma 1-1: Elder Wisdom
    A frontier village on the outskirts of Tymanther needs help with a
    reconnaissance mission. The dragonborn do not often look to outsiders, so this
    is a good chance to learn about the fate of Unther… and to meet the new
    neighbors. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Tymanther for characters
    levels 1-4.
    1. David V. (Leader lvl 3)
    2. Evan J. (Defender lvl 1)
    3. Zach G. (Leader lvl 1)
    4. Sara (Leader lvl 1)
    5. Robb P. (???? lvl ??)
    6. Wayne (???? lvl ??)
    7.(alt) Dennis B. (???? lvl ??)


    I have updated our table list for Saturday. I want to remember everyone that even if you do not see an empty spot, that does
    not mean we do not have room for you to join us. We will do everything we can to not turn players away.

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